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Wire Mesh Tips
Woven Wire Cloth products

Woven Wire Cloth products are available in thousands of specifications.  The main product groups include Bolting Cloth, Fine Mesh, Market Grade and Mill Grade wire cloth, these specifications are typically available from stock.

Filter Cloth -Micronic Openings

Woven wire cloth has been used for filtration for over 100 years, and is the material of choice for problem-free processing, excellent durability and is easily cleanable.

Fine Mesh Wire Cloth

Wire mesh having a mesh count greater than 90 x 90 is referred to as Fine Mesh. This group of wirecloth specifications is produced in Monel, Nickel or Stainless Steel.

Industrial Hardware Cloth

Hardware Cloth is wire cloth woven using the lightest wire diameter which a given mesh can be produced with good stability. After weaving, Hardware Wire Cloth is galvanized with a bright protective coating of zinc.

Market Grade Wire Mesh

This group of wiremesh specifications is woven utilizing moderate wire diameters resulting in a high strength square mesh cloth, suitable for general purpose screening.

Mill Grade Screen Cloth

Mill Grade is wire cloth woven of lighter wire diameters than Market Grade, providing a greater percentage of screen cloth open area.

Space Cloth

Space cloth is wire cloth designated by the aperture (open space) width, expressed in inches or fractions thereof.  Space cloth specifications are frequently utilized for mineral, ore, sand and gravel screening.

Square Mesh Wire Cloth

Square mesh is woven with the same mesh count and wire diameter in both directions.

Stainless Steel Bolting Cloth

Stainless steel bolting cloth is a light wire cloth woven of highly durable wire. The wire is drawn with a very smooth surface to speed up the bolting action which increases screening machine capacity.

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