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Wire Mesh Tips
Wire cloth terms

Market Grades: The most commonly utilized sizes of industrial wire cloth specifications chosen for general-purpose work and typically ready for shipment upon order from companies.

Mesh: Mesh number denotes the number of openings or wires per English inch (25.4mm) in both directions counting from the centre of any wire to a point exactly one inch distant. 
Offal: Excess wire screen material that, in the slitting or fabricating process, is cut from a standard roll.
Open Area: The proportion of open space to the total area of a wire screen, expressed as a percentage.
Selvage: The finishing of edges along the length of a roll of wire mesh to prevent unraveling.
Shute Wires: Also called "weft", "shot", "shoot" or "fill" wires, they are the wires going across the width of the woven cloth. Shute wires are moved back and forth by the shuttle.
Warp Wires: Wires going lengthwise across the wire cloth. In the weaving process called "warping the loom," the warp wires are placed first at the preferred spacing.


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