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Spring egg whisk

The specifications of Spring egg whisk

1.          The materials of Spring egg whisk: stainless steel wire

2.          Surface treatment: polishing

3.          Packing: poly bag and cartons

The features of Spring egg whisk

1.          Spring egg whisk are stunningly styled yet superbly functional.

2.          Spring egg whisk shaped to reach into pan corners and along edges, this whisk's hinged handle allows the head to remain flat no matter what the angle of the wrist. Hinged handle makes the whisk especially easy to maneuver

3.          Spring egg whisk is comfortable and safe to use and wash.

The applications of Spring egg whisk

1.          Spring egg whisk is a sauce, a roux, or delicate custard this tool handles it all.

2.          Spring egg whisk¡¯s bouncy, up-and-down action makes it astonishingly good at whipping volume into egg whites and yolk.

3.          Spring egg whisk is used for all those little tasks when a mixer is overkill and a fork is too clumsy. Spring egg whisk is excellent for mixing cocoa into milk, whipping a single egg white or a dash of cream for a garnish.

4.          Spring egg whisk is an ideal for beating, whipping, and mixing eggs, sauces, and more.

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