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Fine Wires

Fine wires are basically the range of small size scale wires.
Fine wires takes the same shape and structure as the standard isolated copper wires made for winding, except their unique sizes.
Companies around the world define fine wires by different scales;
By D.M Benatav a wire that includes under the definition of "fine wires" is an isolated copper wire and has to be at diameter size of: 0.009 mm(9 micron) up to 0.029 mm (29 micron).

Fine wires diameter like all copper wires (made for winding), measures before isolation process at the copper fine wires manufactures.
Every coil winder or electronics engineer must regard the addition thickness of the isolation cover on the wire before designing the coil or make plan for winding process, especially if the coil or component need to be wind with fine wire.
In most standards cases, wire is covered with single isolation layer.
Isolation thickness is mostly: 7% to 10% out of total wire diameter size.
On very fine wires those that not exit 0.015mm, isolation thickness can reach up to 15% out of total diameter size.
Fine wires are much more expensive to purchase and to work with. That is why it is most common to see fine wires winded on components in the medical industry, when small size is needed without compromise.
Winding coils and components with very fine wires such as 0.09mm (9 micron) to 0.015mm (15 micron) requires special type of care during winding progress, such as windowless room, special and sophisticated tools for gripping, and fixed microscopes on winding equipment.
Some find it hard to believe but during winding process, fine wires like 0.011-0.009mm, sometimes fail and snaps only because the room is to windy due air conditioning!
In most cases when fine wires like that snaps, it is impossible to find them with naked eye, and to reattach them to the tension holder.

Fine wires as 0.011-0.009mm need to be winded with no more than 1.5 grams of tension! We like to refer those kinds of wires as ultra fine wires.

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