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Concertina razor barrier

Concertina razor barrier

The specifications of Concertina razor barrier

1.       The materials of Concertina razor barrier: Stainless Steel Wire, iron wire

2.       Surface Treatment: Electro galvanized, Hot dipped galvanized

3.       Razor thickness: 0.5mm

4.       Wire diameter: 2.5mm

5.       Razor width: 15 mm

6.       Razor length: 22 mm

7.       Barb spacing: 26mm--100mm Packing: waterproof paper and woven bag

8.       Packing: Inner waterproof paper, woven bag outside.

The features of Concertina razor barrier

1.       Concertina razor barrier is easily and expediently installation, welcome by army and police.

2.       Concertina razor barrier can achieve the result of frightening and stopping to the aggressive perimeter intruders, with piecing and cutting razor blades mounted at the top of the wall.

3.       Concertina razor barrier also is the special designs making climbing and touching extremely difficult.

4.       The wire and strip of Concertina razor barrier are galvanized to prevent corrosion.

The applications of Concertina razor barrier

1.       Concertina razor barrier is one of the specially designed equipment used by police to secure, protect a place or location of the demonstrators or rioters who try to enter /penetrate the defense in order to reduce physical contact between demonstrators and police officers.

2.       Concertina razor barrier has been widely used in airport, key military sites, border line, prison, government, bank, bounding wall of villa, highway, fence of railway and etc.

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